New You – Weight Loss

received_10152617142518053One thing that is really important to me and I think to most moms is being healthy. It can be so hard when you’re so busy with your kids to eat right and exercise. And obviously you don’t have to have a perfect body to be a good mom, but if you are looking for help on losing weight then this post is a great read!

My sister is on a weight loss journey right now. So far she has lost 90 lbs!!! That is just amazing! She has agreed to let me in on her secrets so that I can post them for you! So here is the first Weight Loss post. Everything that comes from my sister are direct quotes from her.

Here is a great quote to get yourself psyched for weight loss;

“You need to be in the right mindset in order to CHANGE YOUR lifestyle. It’s not easy. Every day is a struggle. To make the right food choices, to workout. Every day, I struggle.

The main thing though is when I do binge on food, eat chips, eat too many carbs, don’t workout, etc I don’t give up. I deal with it, and move on. One bad meal does not equal giving up. Just like one good meal doesn’t make you healthy.
Do I still eat junk, yup. Only difference, I don’t eat a while bag of chips at once. That doesn’t mean I couldn’t 😉
I track all my food on (they also have a handy app). sahm2mandm is my username, I have my dairy set so that friends can see it. Helps me stay ACCOUNTABLE.”

Now Step One!

“For anyone just starting out… don’t over do it. Don’t go removing all the junk from the house. Why? Because you’ll likely go buy the stuff then binge on it. Watch your portions, drink water, and try to move every day. If you like hip hop, and dancing get on YouTube and search “club fitz, or lauren fitz”. If you like Spanish songs search “linda edler”, her 17 minute video gets your heart rate up real good. When I first started, I paced my living room. I did that for a month or so before I got on YouTube and found Zumba.
If you hit a plateau, change up something. Food-go up in calories for one or two days, like crazy up 1k more then you usually eat, cheat day if you will. Workouts-do something totally different. Once your body gets use to doing the same exercise/getting the same amount of calories, it becomes very efficient at burning less calories doing the same exact thing. Plateaus are normal, and can last 6 weeks. Don’t give up!”

Watch for my next Weight Loss post!!

Summer Mazzettia


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