Cake Making For Beginners

I have recently made my first fondant cake. Taught by the master, my mom. Here, I am going to tell you how we did it!! The cake turned out super cute!! And it was super easy. I want everyone to know how easy it is to make a great cake!! Let’s get started!!

List of what you’ll need;

2 Boxes of cake mix and Ingredients needed for them

2 8″ round pans

Wax paper

An item to serve on


Oven 😉





Drying rack

Fondant tools


You can either buy fondant premade or you can make it yourself. Here is a link to an easy fondant recipe;

For the icing, I recommend butter cream icing. You can buy it from the store but it definitely doesn’t work as well as making it from scratch. Here is a good recipe for it;

Go ahead and preheat your oven!!!

Step One:

Gather together; pans, wax paper, flour, scissors, pencil, and crisco. Take off two pieces of wax paper about the size of the pan. Then set a pan on top of both pieces of wax paper and use the pencil to trace a circle on the paper. Take the scissors and cut out the circles. Next coat the inside of your pans in crisco. Add flour and cover the crisco in flour. Put a circle in the bottom of each pan. Once again coat everything in crisco and flour.


Step Two:

Empty the contents of your cake mixes into a large mixing bowl. Follow directions on the package and then add the mixture to your pans. Put pans in the oven and bake.


Step Three:

While your cake is baking, prepare the frosting and fondant!

Step Four:

After your cake is done baking, let it sit for 10 minutes in the pan. Then use a butter knife to make sure the cake isn’t sticking to the pan. Go all the way around. Put a cooling rack over the top of both pans and flip over.


Step Five:

Put cake on a round piece of cardboard, wrap it in wax paper and plastic wrap and set it in the freezer. Wait til frozen.


Step Six:

Now that your cake is frozen, it will be easy to work with. Cut both tops off of cake to make it level. Use a level to make sure it is perfectly level.


Step Seven:

I recommend a piece of cardboard wrapped in tin foil for a serving tray. Get your frosting and and put some on the serving tray. Then place your bottom layer of cake on the frosting. Next cover the top of your first cake layer with frosting. Now place your second layer on top of your first layer and cover both in frosting.

11015366_1428656524094142_1367253509_nStep Eight:

Let your frosting sit for 15 minutes. While your frosting is sitting, measure your cake for the fondant. Figure out exactly what size you need and then roll your fondant out to about two inches more than that.


Step Nine:

In the above picture, I have fondant plastic underneath the fondant. All I did was take the whole thing to the cake and put in the center on top. If you don’t have fondant plastic, you can use your rolling pin to lift the fondant and place it on the cake.

Step Ten:

After you get the fondant on top of your cake, gently rub the top and sides of the top until they fit it perfectly. Work your way down the cake doing the same thing. Make sure that you pull up on all of the pleats in the fondant as you go so that the fondant on the cake is perfectly smooth. If you need to, take scissors and cut the bottom of the fondant off. Go All the way to the bottom of your cake with the smoothing of fondant and then take a small knife and cut the excess fondant off from around the bottom of your cake.


Step Eleven:

Now It’s time to create whatever you want!! Get out your fondant and start creating. You can make fondant people, animals or shapes. With mine, I hand sculpted a mermaid and used silicone molds to cover the sides of the cake in sea shells. Not bad for my first time I’d say! And it was SO easy!! Easy enough for any; “do it all mom”.



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