How To Fit 3 Boys (or girls) Into One Bedroom

We recently moved into a new home. My oldest daughter now has her own room and the three little boys are sharing a room. The room is not a big room but all of their beds fit, their toys fit, and there is plenty of playing room as well! I’m gonna show you what I did 😀

The first thing that really made it happen is;


Triple bunk beds!! Every kid has their own bed and it only takes up the room of one twin bed. This made a huge difference.

And then I added a locker;


This made it so that they each have a special cubby for their things and took a lot of things off the floor and furniture.

And then I built an awesome art table/desk out of salvaged materials;


Making the desk/table so that it would fit all three of them definitely added to saved space in the room. If I had put one in for each them, it would have taken sooo much more room.

This is what I did for their Toy guns;

2017-12-25_094011 (1)

It’s cute and it got them out of the toy box and off of the floor. Maximizing the space we have!

There is also only one toy box in the room. I am going to be adding shelving to their closet so that I can put more toys in totes on the shelves.

Here is the mostly finished product;


It’s not a great picture but you can see the placement of everything and you can tell that there is still a lot of room to play. The boys love it. That’s the most important part!

Thanks for reading!


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