The Truth About Cannibals and Zombies

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Hey everyone I’m kind of on an SHTF kick and I did promise in my bio that I would cover SHTF preparedness. Soooo for the next week(til next Thursday) I will be posting a short SHTF related post EVERYDAY! Happy reading 🙂

Everyone that knows me, knows that I have a fascination with zombies. And everyone laughs at me for it, BUT in a SHTF situation EVERYONE is going to turn into a zombie. There will be hoards of hungry, angry, frightened people trying to hurt you to get what they need. Parents will do whatever they have to, to feed their children. And if they are STARVING there are many people who will KILL you to EAT you. Would you put it past a hungry bear to eat you? Probably not. NEVER underestimate a hungry animal. What are people if not animals? Your best friend could end up being your worst enemy.
A little bit of history – The Donner Party, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Hannibal, Sweeny Todd. Why couldn’t it happen to you? NEVER trust ANYONE, not to EAT YOU, just because they’re usually pretty nice. ESPECIALLY in a SHTF situation. And I would call those kind of people, cannibalistic zombies!!

Also – there are ways that people could actually attain zombie like qualities, even without being the undead;
Extreme hunger (As mentioned before)
Bath Salts – A drug that makes you hallucinate, go crazy, and eat human flesh. It has been experimented with by the government and can now be vaporized into our air (lovely). Anyone who comes into contact with it, would then be a “zombie”

Rabies – YES you CAN get rabies. Why else would you have to get a shot for it? At this point, it does not make you foam at the mouth and bite people, but a strain could develop that would. And if you got that strain of rabies, you would want to bite everyone, and they in turn would also get rabies and want to bite everyone.

The CDC recommends being prepared for a zombie apocalypse. You are probably laughing by now, but this really could happen. Do your own research. And be prepared for ANYTHING.


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