Great Uses For Common Household Items When SHTF

Ahhh sooo I didn’t post yesterday. Got busy with sick kids. So I am going to make two posts today to make up for it.


BAKING SODA – Baking soda can do a number of things. You can use it to wash your hair, or body. You can use it to remove stains or clean counters. You can brush your teeth with it. Bake with it. Mix it with water and put it on spider bites or use it to remove splinters. Wash dishes or clothing with it. There are so many more uses for this cheap and amazing product. Stock pile it!

VINEGAR – Vinegar can be used for so many things. Distilled vinegar can be used for cleaning, washing clothes, spraying bugs, and pretty much anything that you can think of. Apple cider vinegar is like the cure-all for most any day ailment. It can even cure strep throat. It will actually improve your health overall. It can also be used for making cheese and other foods.

SALT – Salt can help with healing a wound. It can cure meat. You can also pour salt in a barrel around bags of grains or noodles and keep weevils out. Plus it is used for baking and cooking with.

MATCHES — Duh right? Most people have matches on hand. If you don’t, get some. In an SHTF situation matches will be priceless and extremely valuable.

TOOTHPASTE — Not only does toothpaste help to keep your teeth healthy, you can also use it to soothe bug bites and burns.

HYDROGEN PEROXIDE — This item is amazing. You can clean fruit with it. You can clear ear infections with it. You can clear up a cold with it. It can improve the germination of seeds. Disinfect your cutting boards. Stop tooth pain. Disinfect wounds and soo many more things!




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I am a single SAHM of five small children. My ultimate goal is to be able to stay with them always. I am passionate about; art, photography, children, crafting, single moming, music, and love.

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