Dollar Tree Easter Basket Ideas

Ahhh so I know it’s the Friday before Easter but I just got my Easter shopping done today and I am sure that I’m not the only mom who waited til last minute. I’m sure in fact that there will be lots of moms and dads Easter shopping tomorrow as well. So I figured that this post isn’t too late for SOMEONE. I will be posting items from the Dollar Tree but also super cool items from other stores that were super cheap. I will list the stores and the prices.

First off, I want to start with the baskets. I have five kids to get Easter for so I hate buying $5 Easter baskets. The Dollar Tree has Easter baskets, but they’re pretty cheap. I went to the Thrift store and found five nice big baskets for a $1.50 each. I was planning on decorating them but I don’t think I’ll end up having enough time. img_20180330_165015070.jpg

Another thing that I love to do is shop the clearance isle at Walmart. You can find plenty of things for a dollar there. I bought a curvy Barbie for my oldest daughter and a tablet case for my son’s tablet. Each only for $1.


I also found these books and others at Walmart for $3-$4


Here are a lot of things from the Dollar Tree for obviously $1. Probably my favorite item out of the bunch is the bug catcher kit. I comes with tweezers, a net, and a little bug house. The kids love these!


Some adorable stackable crayons that I found at Walmart for less than $1


I found something amazing at the Dollar Tree. Most of the real chocolate rabbits that you’ll find are expensive. Everything else is only FLAVORED chocolate :O. I found real chocolate rabbits for $1 at the Dollar Tree.


At Walmart and grocery stores you can find large $5 eggs that you can fill with things for the kiddos. While $5 isn’t a lot of money, I have to buy five of them and buy things to fill them with. At the Dollar Tree they have not quite as large eggs!!! For only $1. What I did was buy a $3 stuffed lama and sheep to put in them and I am going to hide them in the back yard for the kids to find. You could also buy the $1 stuffed animals from the Dollar Tree instead of the $3 ones from Walmart. They’re actually really cute. They’re just not what I was looking for.


I found a couple of $3 items from Target as well that are absolutely adorable!! A shimmery bag and a notepad set with a cat unicorn mermaid…… just looks so awesome.


Walmart has pairs of baby Calico Critters for $6.88

You can buy Easter eggs from Dollar Tree and I did but they were nothing exciting and I still had to buy candy for them. At Walmart I found this big box of 28 prefilled bug Easter eggs for $5.48


Anddd last but not least. This item isn’t cheap, but it’s totally spectacular and it’s the last thing that I am going to post!! For $15 from Walmart I got a UNICORN fingerling!! They come in other colors as well but I liked the white one the most. This is SO cute I’m gonna die!!!



Sooo there’s my list of cheap things to get for Easter baskets. I hope you liked it.




















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