5 Weight Loss Tips

I know that I already posted a weight loss tips post but I’ve lost 28 lbs in the last two months and I wanted to post the 5 that have helped me the most. I haven’t been doing any extra exercising. Just maintaining an active lifestyle. In the next couple of days I’ll be posting about only eating 1300 calories a day without starving, so stay tuned for that. Here are 5 weight loss tips that really work;


#2 Drink two liters of water every day and ONLY drink water or home brewed green tea. You actually pee out fat when you’re losing weight. If you’re dehydrated, you’re not going to lose weight.

#3 Don’t eat after 6 pm. You don’t burn very many calories while you sleep. If I make sure to eat dinner by 5:30, I lose weight. If I eat later, I don’t lose anything. Make sure to keep drinking water though!

#4 Losing weight is all about calories. Make sure to burn more calories than you eat. It takes about a 500 calorie a day difference to lose weight. You can also eat too few of calories and go into starvation mode and not lose weight. You have to find the magic number for your body.

#5 Protein. You have to make sure that you’re getting enough protein. Eat protein at every meal. You can find pretty much any food that you can eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that has protein. Even if you’re a vegetarian. If you eat cereal for breakfast, buy kasha lean. It’s packed with protein and fiber.

With these tips, anyone can lose weight.



Published by thisdoitallmom

I am a single SAHM of five small children. My ultimate goal is to be able to stay with them always. I am passionate about; art, photography, children, crafting, single moming, music, and love.

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