Zombie Apocalypse Survival Vehicles

So you’re trying to pick the vehicle that you’ll survive the impending zombie apocalypse with? Here is a list of good and bad bug out vehicles;

BUSES – These are BAD. Possibly the worst. We have all seen zombie horror films. The bus doors are easy to open. Everyone will die. Don’t drive a bus in the zombie apocalypse.

SEMI TRUCK – This is kind of good and bad. It would be really super hard for zombies to get you, and you’d be able to drive over them, but it’s going to take a lot of gas. Unless if you have access to a lot of fuel, you shouldn’t get one.

SMALL CAR – I think that you’re just asking for trouble when you drive a small car in the zombie apocalypse. If you hit a zombie, you wreck. If you get surrounded by zombies, you’re stuck. They can easily break the glass if they’ve got you surrounded. Since the undead aren’t going to be as fast as pretty much any vehicle, it doesn’t matter if it’s a fast car. Anything small and/or open is a no go.

JEEP – I think an enclosed jeep is a pretty good option. It’s not bad on gas. You can go pretty much anywhere with it. You won’t get stuck in hordes of zombies as easy. Add a zombie guard to the front, and you’re good to go.

TANK – Obviously the zombies can’t get you in this. They can’t even see you. You can drive over them. You can blow them up. However – the one thing that makes a tank pretty unreliable is that it takes a boatload of fuel. Plus you’re screwed if it breaks down.

RV – As long as you have the right kind of doors on your RV, I think that they can be a really good option. They’re not great on gas, but you could drive something far worse on gas. You can live in it. You can carry lots of supplies in it. You can’t drive over zombies but it’s fairly difficult for them to break in and if a horde comes, lock the doors, lay low and pretend you’re not there. They’ll pass you by.

PICKUP TRUCK – This’ll keep you pretty safe and out of harm’s way. Especially if it’s lifted. You can drive over a lot of things and zombies and it’s not too bad on gas. You can also fill the back up with supplies.

MILITARY TRUCK – This would probably be my pick if I had a choice. You could turn one of these into a monster. You could add a zombie guard to the front and blades to the sides. Use airless tires. There’s a gun on top and you can be in the back shooting zombies and they can’t reach you. It does have a disadvantage of being a fuel hog, but it doesn’t take as much fuel as some of the others that I’ve listed.

SUV – This is about along the same lines as a pickup truck. Maybe a few more disadvantages but as long as it’s tall enough, it will probably still keep you alive.

MINI VAN – I’d say at the very least, have one of these. They’re taller than a car. So that’s a bonus. They’re great on gas. They’re still pretty short though. They’re not going to get you out of a horde and they can’t drive over ANYTHING. The biggest advantage to these is that they’re still better than a car. Which isn’t saying much.

VOLKSWAGEN BUS – These might not be too bad. They can’t drive over anything, but I think they’re fairly hard to break into because they have small windows. You could lay on the floor under a blanket in the event of a horde. They’re sort of tall, so you may be able to push through a few of zombies. They’re okay on gas.


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