20 Tips To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse

Since I’m totally obsessed, here are 20 tips to survive the zombie apocalypse;

#1 CARDIO – Everyone knows this.Get into shape.

#2 DON’T BE A JERK – The jerk is always the one in the group that no one wants to save and everyone is willing to leave behind. Don’t be a jerk.

#3 BE PREPARED – For anything and everything. What you think probably won’t happen, probably will.

#4 KILL THE BRAIN – Remember to always stab the head or it won’t be dead.
#5 STAY QUIET STAY ALERT – If you’re gonna be loud and crazy and ignore your surroundings, you better have some pretty big concrete walls surrounding you.

#6 BE AFRAID – Never forget that they’re dangerous. Being afraid keeps you alive. Be brave, but don’t fight if you don’t have to.

#7 PEOPLE ARE A RESOURCE – There is strength in numbers. Don’t have a group so large that you can’t possibly defend them but have enough people that you can take care of yourselves and defend yourselves. A group with around 20-30 adults is ideal. You’re going to need people or supply runs and people to stay “home” to defend “home” and people who can’t defend themselves.

#8 USE MELEE WEAPONS – Guns are loud. Only use guns as a last resort unless if you’re well guarded behind thick walls. Get familiar with melee weapons so that you can use them when SHTF.

#9 AVOID OTHER GROUPS – Try to be invisible. Avoid other groups. Chances are that they’ll want what you have and all they care about is themselves.

#10 DON’T TRUST ANYONE – Remember that at any time if something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. This is the end of the world, don’t trust anyone. Even your best friend could be plotting against you, or bitten, or anything.

#11 GROW YOUR FOOD – Once you are at your “permanent” home, establish a way to grow your own food. If it’s the wrong season, try growing indoors near the windows. You’re going to run out of food storage and the less supply runs that you need to make, the better.

#12 DON’T NEED IT LEAVE IT – If you don’t need it, leave it behind. It’s dangerous to take the time to gather it up. It takes space away from the things that you do need. You’ll probably regret it later.

#13 DON’T BE STUPID – Unlike every member of every horror film ever, don’t be stupid. Use your common sense. Don’t stop and stare. Don’t turn around and stop and stare. Don’t watch the zombies tear your friend apart, just go. Don’t go toward the creepy noises. Don’t do something if it feels wrong. Don’t fight if you don’t have to. Live to die another day.

#14 FULLY TRAINED – Everyone should be as trained as possible. Even children.

#15 PLAN AHEAD – Have a plan and a backup plan and a backup plan for your backup plan. I’d say have at least 10 plans and tell them to EVERYONE in your group.

#16 BUILD YOUR SURVIVAL TEAM – It isn’t smart to get everyone that you know in your group. If you can avoid it, don’t invite the lazy guy or the bad temper guy, or the jerk. Choose your team wisely, you’re stuck with these people at the end of the world.

#17 SAFETY FIRST – If it isn’t safe, and it isn’t 100% necessary, don’t do it. Especially on supply runs.

#18 SUPPLY RUN SAFETY – Make sure to have a plan in place before you make your supply runs. Write a list of your needs and stick to it. Only risk your life for an item if it’s an item that will save a life.

#19 WELL STOCKED – Be well stocked on all items that you may need. Even little things can make a huge difference.

#20 START NOW – Prepare for the zombie apocalypse now and you’ll have a better chance of surviving it.







Published by thisdoitallmom

I am a single SAHM of five small children. My ultimate goal is to be able to stay with them always. I am passionate about; art, photography, children, crafting, single moming, music, and love.

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