Intermittent Fasting the Right Way

Soo I realize that this is Wednesday and I didn’t post last week, but I have been taking a break from all social media. It has actually been really nice and I don’t miss it yet, but am thinking that I’d better get back in the saddle before it stops being a habit.




Update on my weight loss journey! I have been intermittent fasting for several weeks. I have started walking four days a week and working out two days and having a free day. By working out I mean that I am cleaning the house so vigorously that I literally lose a pound every time :’D. Overall I have lost 45 lbs since the very end of February. It has taken me longer than I had hoped. I did take a “break” for two weeks recently because I came to a stop in my weight loss. Which happens. In my break, I still maintained my calories and everything, I didn’t want to gain weight, I just wasn’t as strict. So in the last week since I started my “diet” again I have lost 2 or 3 lbs. Okay now that, that is out of the way…

Intermittent fasting the right way is one of my key factors in losing so much weight. Especially considering that I only recently started exercising more than just being a regularly active person. I do not feel that intermittent fasting by going a day or more without eating is healthy. However, there IS a healthy way to do it. I eat from 7am to 530pm. I do not eat after 530. I keep my calories around 1400 calories a day. I keep my calculator on my phone open and add EVERYTHING that I eat. So many people say that it doesn’t matter how late you eat, but most of the weight that I have lost, I lost immediately after making the change of not eating after 530pm. I actually added a hundred calories, so lowering my calories is not what made me lose the weight. It was intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting is the way to go. For those of you who have a hard time limiting your calories, start with intermittent fasting if you can. It will limit your calories because you won’t be eating at that time. Plus it will automatically start your weight loss with minimal effort. Good luck on your weight loss journey and keep tuning in for more weight loss tips!


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I am a single SAHM of five small children. My ultimate goal is to be able to stay with them always. I am passionate about; art, photography, children, crafting, single moming, music, and love.

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