20 Ways To Earn A Million Dollars

Here is a fun one! I’ve done the research and am now excited to give these a try for myself!

20 Real Ways to Earn a Million Dollars

(In less than a year)

1. Find something that you can sell for a dollar that a million people (or more) will want. Or several items that could total a million dollars altogether. Most people will pay a dollar for anything interesting :).

2. Ebooks – start writing ebooks and selling them on kindle. If you can come up with a good idea and sell them for a reasonable price, you’ll be making a million soon enough!

3. Flavor a potato chip! Everyone knows that Lays keeps coming out with crazy flavored potato chips. What you didn’t know is that people actually enter their ideas to lays and the people who win, get a million dollars! Start experimenting!!

4. Ask for it! Sometimes, all you have to do is ask. Craig Rowin did just that. The 26-year-old New York native took to the internet November of 2010 with a simple plea: “Please give me one million dollars.” A few months later, Benjamin, a millionare from new york called him up and offered him the million. So get familliar with a video camera and start uploading to YouTube!!

5. This is cliche but the lottery has to be mentioned. In many cases it is a waste of money, but there are soo many people who have become instant millionaires with this method. It’s worth a try, right?

6. Invent a new way to make money. Think of something off the wall that no one has thought of or at least no one has put to use. The weirder the better. Get ideas from reading about some other weird businesses.

7. Look at the recources that you already have. You don’t need to spend any money. Research what you can do with what you have and go from there. You never know what your income potential is if you start using the resources around you!

8. Start a blog where you ask everyone who visits to donate a dollar to you. This has been done and has worked for others!! Advertise online and ask your friends and family to donate and advertise as well! You’ll be a millionaire in no time.

9. Make an app. Think of something that you’re always wishing existed that hasn’t come out yet. This could be your big break!

10. Create a business plan and sell it online. People are always searching for business plans that work. Create something that catches attention and works! Soon enough, you’ll be rolling in the dough.

11. Invent a really good idea on Quirky and rake in royalties. Quirky is an invention site that lets the community submit million-dollar ideas. It chooses the best ones, then sells them in partnering stores and online. It is free to submit an idea. If your idea gets selected for production, you’ll have to split the profits with both Quirky and the website’s community. The inventor gets a lifetime royalty of 30% of online sales (wholesale) and 10% of retail sales (in Bed Bath & Beyond stores) if Quirky decides to turn the idea into a product.

12. Make and sell organic products. Going organic is so in right now. Open a website or a store on Etsy, eBay, and/or Amazon and start selling organic now!

13. Create an online dating site with a $1 enrollment fee. Make everything else free. There’s an instant million.

14. Invest in Stocks and Bonds. An aspiring investor can legally make a million dollars in one year from the scratch by investing in stocks and bonds. All you need to do to achieve your target is to pool together enough start – up capital and then work with a professional stock broker who has successful experience under his sleeves when it comes to selecting stocks that do pretty well in stock market. You can actually make more than a million dollars if you are able to invest in the right stocks and bonds at the right time when the market forces are all positive.

15. Start an Amusement Park. opening an amusement park is another way to make a million in one year from the scratch. When Walt Disney decided to build DisneyLand, most people who knew him never thaught he would be able to achieve what he did by establishing Disney Land. Disney Land is the number one spot for children and adults looking for a park to catch maximum fun; People travel from all over the world to pay expensive fees to visit Disney Land.

16. Sell Arts and Crafts. Selling arts (paintings) and crafts is yet another practical way that an aspiring entrepreneur can make a million dollars in one year from scratch. This is possible especially if you sell dozens of expensive artworks (paintings) and crafts within a year. So, if you are looking for a practical way to earn a million dollars in one year, then one of your options is to start selling artworks and crafts.

17. Get ideas from your family and friends. Maybe you can go all in together. Someone is bound to have a million dollar money making idea. Two heads is better than one. Start a lucrative business together. Pull all of your talents and strengths together and decide on something you can all participate and make money with.

18. Sell your handmade jewelry on instagram. Instagram is becoming increasingly popular in the business market. Make unique but gorgeous pieces of jewelry and sell it on instagram. You can find many resources around you and pay a minimal amount to get started.

19. Come up with something innovative, like a smartwatch, and get it funded on Kickstarter or Indiegogo. These are crowdfunding sites that let people submit ideas for projects or inventions. If the community likes the ideas, they can contribute money to the cause to help it come to life.

20. Build hotels in needy areas and rent out rooms to the public every night. There are plenty of millionaire hotel owners. Sure the investment can be a lot, but the return is huge and generates money every year!

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