One Important Tip for Getting Food Storage (Even If You’re Broke)

Here is the one important tip that will change your food storage situation. Whether you’re a bad planner or you’re broke or whatever. Buy extra every time you go to the store. If you’re buying canned goods, buy extra. If you’re buying water, buy extra. If you’re buying Mac N Cheese, buy extra. And then save the extra for when SHTF. If you can’t afford to stockpile, just buy one extra thing. Buy one extra can. Buy one extra .88 gallon of water. Buy one extra box of Mac N Cheese. It will add up eventually. One thing that helps me not to use things up is to buy a cheaper brand than what I normally buy. Then it’s not my go to and it’s not so tempting to use.

Every Saturday I’ll be giving advice on preparing for when SHTF. Some things will be from my How To SHTF guides that are available on Amazon:


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I am a single SAHM of five small children. My ultimate goal is to be able to stay with them always. I am passionate about; art, photography, children, crafting, single moming, music, and love.

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