Tips and Tricks – Life Hacks

Life Hacks quotes are my favorite! Here are some for you;

8 Tips For A Productive Day

1. Breakfast – it really is the most important meal of the day. 2. Exercise – even just 20 minutes of elevated heart rate can boost your energy for the entire day. 3. Write a list! 4. Set a time limit on whatever contributes to your laziness. 5. Do something for yourself. It will rechargeContinue reading “8 Tips For A Productive Day”

10 Simple Life Tips

1. Make peace with your past. 2. Not just anyone is the one. 3. Listen to your intuition. 4. Wounds heal with time. 5. Love yourself. 6. You will receive what you attract. 7. Put down your phone and pay attention to the people around you. 8. Don’t let toxic people run your life. 9.Continue reading “10 Simple Life Tips”