8 Skills To Know Before SHTF

HUNTING – This skill may not be the most important skill, but at the same time it might be. If the SHTF situation lasts long enough, eventually you’ll run out of food. You don’t have to be the best. You just need to know enough to eat. WILDERNESS SURVIVAL – Learn at least the basics.Continue reading “8 Skills To Know Before SHTF”

3 Food Storage Essentials

(On A Budget) There are three basic things that everyone needs. Food, water, and toilet paper. If you’re worried that you’re too broke to stockpile, buy super cheap. Buy lots and lots of RAMEN. It will keep you fed, it will last “forever”, and it is about as cheap as you can go. You canContinue reading “3 Food Storage Essentials”

10 Essential Non-Edible Items To Stockpile

1. TOILET PAPER 2. Bar Soap 3. Hand Sanitizer 4. Feminine Hygiene Products 5. Toothpaste and Tooth brushes 6. Batteries 7. Over the counter medicine 8. Dish Soap/Laundry Detergent 9. Items that are essential to your children – such as diapers etc. 10. First Aid

One Important Tip for Getting Food Storage (Even If You’re Broke)

Here is the one important tip that will change your food storage situation. Whether you’re a bad planner or you’re broke or whatever. Buy extra every time you go to the store. If you’re buying canned goods, buy extra. If you’re buying water, buy extra. If you’re buying Mac N Cheese, buy extra. And thenContinue reading “One Important Tip for Getting Food Storage (Even If You’re Broke)”